Exchangeable Bond Subscription Agreement

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SPV cash bonds are bonds issued by VPAs in cash under the terms of the plans to certain participants in the election program, under the terms of an SPV cash loan agreement. The two agreements – the Bond Subscription Agreement and the Investment Agreement – are arbitration agreements within the meaning of the International Arbitration Act. On the same day, SKECJI entered into a separate convertible bond underwriting agreement with Chemicals (“CBSA”), under which Chemicals was required to pay $90 million in convertible bond subscription fees to SKECJI. Subscribers of the company around 10 a.m., Seoul, Korea, to the end date in the same day funds. 3. Closing 3.1 Closing Date and Place. The closing of the convertible bond issue and subscription will take place at the offices of one of the subscribers or in another location, as agreed between the parties, at another location agreed between the parties, from 10 .m Seoul Time, Korea, on April 12, 2007 or at another date agreed between the parties (the end date). 3.2 Closing conditions. Financial statements are subject to the condition that the entity meets or no longer meets the following conditions: (i) the issuance and underwriting of convertible bonds under the conditions specified in them are not contrary to the legal requirements applicable to the company or subscribers; and (ii) subscribers and the entity must have completed or received all necessary administrative or internal authorizations, authorizations and required reports. 3.3Closing Deliveries 3.3.1 Cl previous 1) The Supreme Court held that such a convertible bond issue was not valid if the issuance of convertible bonds was found to be abusive by extending provisions similar to the issuance of new shares or complaints about the cancellation of the issuance of convertible bonds (Supreme Court, June 25, 2004,2000da33336).

To raise these funds, the Company sold 748,440 shares on July 5, 2007 (approximately 7.45% of the total issued and outstanding shares) (the “shares”) to ad hoc vehicles in Labuan, Malaysia (the “Overseas SPCs”). Overseas SPCs, for their part, issued exchangeable bonds worth USD 44,800,000 and USD 35,000,000, using equities as underlying values (the “foreign exchange bonds”). The Company guaranteed the repayment of debt capital and interest payable by overseas CPS to exchangeable bondholders (the “guarantee of payment”) (sale of shares, issuance of tradable bonds and guarantee of payment, collectively known as a “transaction”).

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