Halton Regional Police Collective Agreement

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Halton Region believes in strong staff performance. We have a benefit system for non-unionized employees. We evaluate staff each year and recognized efforts will be duly compensated. Each collective agreement indicates when and in what percentage our union employees receive wage increases. Applicants who have completed a police training recruitment program in Canada at the B.C. Justice Institute, Northwest Law Enforcement Academy, Saskatchewan Police College, the Quebec National Police School or the Atlantic Police Academy may be considered for an exception to basic constable training at the Ontario Police College. Halton Regional Police Service Salaries by Location Editor`s Notes: Retired members: Minimum 4 hours` at hourly rate for rank by employee at retirement for employees who has in retired (is in immediate receipt of OMERS pension) and who waits short as of form duties. Childcare: $4 per hour for scheduled on-call work. Hearing aids: 1,000 USD every 3 years. Cleaning allowance: the employer provides 40 cleaning slots per year for cleaning uniforms or business outfits; 2 chits per year for cleaning parkas or coats, if any (the employer-designated cleaning office accepts each chit as payment). The Halton area is part of the Ontario Municipal Eligible Employees Retirement System (OMERS). By reducing their wages, employees contribute to their old age savings.

Being a member of OMERS gives you a great opportunity to plan for the future. . All applications will be reviewed and applicants will begin the selection process, which will include: Medical Services: The employer makes $225 per member per year (currently $175 per member per year) available to active members in the health expense account. All eligible Halton employees will receive the following benefits! Overtime: time and half for all work according to normal hours. Time can be spent in the bank with a maximum of 60 hours. The deadline must be used before November 30 or it is paid. When the worker retires in accordance with the conditions of OMERS, the worker has the full right to leave for the calendar year in which the worker retires, regardless of the date of retirement. All other full-time and part-time workers receive insurance coverage on the first day of the first month following the end of the three (3) months of uninterrupted employment. This coverage includes: LTD: coverage of 66.66% of salary after 17 weeks of disability, maximum 6,500 USD per month. All police officers must complete the online application process. After reviewing the application, correspondence is sent by hrPS, which invites the applicant to submit copies of the following documents: For civil service members who work continuously, the following benefits apply: Look at the most recent services and careers of the Halton Regional Police Service to be eligible for Incentive Premium detention, a member must have completed eight (8) years of service with the Halton Regional Police Service in accordance with the agreement Halton Regional Police.

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