Xplornet Service Agreement

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Under the plan, some services may be subject to usage restrictions. These limit values are described in the critical information summary. For more information, see www.xplornet.com/shop/internet-packages. You can access information and details about your use of the services via MyXplornet.com. Carlsbad, CA – Viasat Inc. has secured a $21 million contract from Barrett Xplore Inc., Canada`s largest rural broadband provider, for the gateway`s basic broadband infrastructure and satellite broadband terminals, which can be used with the high-capacity 1 Ka satellite system. As part of the contract, Viasat will provide and install satellite broadband equipment for four Viasat-1 gateways in Canada, provide an initial order for SurfBeam® 2 participating terminals, and provide network and technical assistance services to the WildBlue Operations Centre. The network system will connect participants to the next generation satellite, which is expected to be available in mid-2011. 1.

INTERPRETATION: By this agreement, the words “we,” “our” and “we” refer to the owner, Xplornet and the words “you” and “you” refer to the subscriber listed in the Xplornet service contract. If you need technical support for your services, Xplornet is proud to serve you 24 hours a day in our Canadian call centres. Please contact Xplornet for technical support for your services at 1-866-841-6001. You agree that, upon your request, Xplornet (including all third parties hired by Xplornet) may access, modify and replace devices remotely or in person, including the installation and uninstall of certain software to provide you with technical support. Information on self-help and troubleshooting can also be found on our website at xplornet.com/support. Our technical support only applies to Xplornet services and Xplornet equipment. 11. EARLY CANCELLATION: Only Wireless and Ka-Band satellite customers can terminate this contract at any time before the 30th day following the service activation date without further commitment and receive a refund of your upfront fees as well as standard installation fees. In the case of such a notification and if you are in possession of rental equipment, we will show you an installer on site and remove all rental devices and send them back. No refunds are made for damaged rental devices and peripheral items such as reflector dishes, cables, wires, racks, pylons, etc.

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