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The latest SSSBC agreement: What you need to know

The latest agreement between the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and the South African Municipal Workers` Union (SAMWU) has been signed, bringing relief to thousands of municipal workers across the country. The agreement comes after months of negotiations and strikes by SAMWU members.

Here are the key points of the agreement:

1. Salary increases

SAMWU had initially demanded an 8% salary increase, but in the end, settled for a 4% increase for the 2021/2022 financial year. In addition, all municipal workers will receive a guaranteed minimum wage of R8,500 per month.

2. Housing allowance

Municipal workers will also receive a housing allowance of R1,200 per month, an increase from the previous R900. This allowance will be applicable to all workers who qualify for it.

3. Medical aid

The agreement also includes a medical aid subsidy of R560 per month for all municipal workers. This subsidy will be applicable to both permanent and temporary employees who have been on the municipal payroll for at least three months.

4. Leave

The agreement provides for an additional five days of leave per annum for workers who have been with the municipality for more than ten years. This brings their annual leave to 30 days.

5. Allowances

Other allowances included in the agreement include a danger allowance of R1,300 per month and a standby allowance of R30 per hour.

The agreement was welcomed by both SALGA and SAMWU, with both parties acknowledging the difficult economic climate that the country is currently facing. The agreement is seen as a step towards building a more sustainable and equitable local government sector.

In conclusion, the latest SSSBC agreement provides much-needed relief to municipal workers who have been struggling with low wages and difficult working conditions. The agreement is a positive step towards building a more equitable and sustainable local government sector in South Africa.

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